Luutsamen Bows

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Product Description

Luutsamen Bows $895.00

Luutsamen Bows are contemporary examples of traditional Interior Salish (Nlaka’pamux) archery technologies. All components accurately portray the weapons as they were made in the past by the Nlaka’pamux people of the Fraser Canyon.
Bows were made from a variety of woods including juniper, birch, yew and maple. Wild rose and service-berry were preferred woods for arrows. Bow cases and arrow quivers were made from a range of animal hides and plant fibres. Deer sinew was the usually bowstring material and sinew and pine pitch glue were used to attach arrow points and fletching.
Ornamentation of bows, bow cases, arrows and quivers was common practice and decorative elements had functional, aesthetic and spiritual significance.*

“Luutsamen Bows” archery equipment crafted by: Bernard Gilchrist

Bows come with:

1 Handcrafted Luutsamen Bow (Birch, Maple, Hazelwood)
4 Handcrafted arrows
1 Deerskin Quiver, Shoulder Strap

*All bows have been tested for strength, and are ready to be used as is*