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  • Yale Historic Site

    Yale, B.C. was once the largest city north of San Francisco and west of Chicago. Originally established in 1848 as a Hudson’s Bay …

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  • Hell’s Gate Jet Boat Tours

    Hell’s Gate Jet Boat Tours offers local and visiting travelers a rare opportunity to see the Fraser Canyon and Hell’s Gate from the …

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  • Fraser River Rafting Expeditions

    The Fraser River is as unique and different as the people that have traveled it, from thousands of years ago to today. …

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  • REO Rafting Resort

    REO is blessed with one of the most amazing locations right on the edge of the beautiful, jade-green Nahatlatch (Nah-hat-latch) River. This amazing river …

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  • Kumsheen Rafting Resort

    The Kumsheen Rafting Resort is one of the finest wilderness adventure centers in Canada located in Canada’s hot spot – Lytton, BC. Kumsheen …

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  • Hell’s Gate Airtram

    Hell’s Gate Airtram. Enjoy the fully suspended gondola as it passes over the most treacherous section of the Fraser River, Hells Gate. This …

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